Alexander Andryakov, PhD, General Director
Intergovernment Relations, Regional Economy
Evsey Gurvich, PhD, Head of Group
Member of Economic Board at the President of the Russian Federation
Deputy Chairman of the Public Board at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Member of the Supervisory Board (Board of Directors) of Sberbank of Russia
Alexandra Suslina
Head of Fiscal Policy Division
Natalia Krasnopeeva
Expert - Fiscal Policy, Public Sector Economics 
Ilya Prilepskiy, PhD
Head of Global Economy Division
Aleksey Balaev, PhD
Head of Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting Division
Igor Belyakov, PhD
Head of Capital Markets Division
Maria Ivanova
Head of Monetary Policy Division 
Alexandra Mortozkina
Head of Structural Reforms Division 
Olga Grushevskaya
Head of Administration
Valentina Sokolova
Olga Burtseva
Chief accountant
Ilya Berkoskiy
IT support
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Phone: (495) 626-4580, 626-4581, 956-8290